General Data Protection Regulation

HIVPA are making some changes to their Privacy Policy.

The updates give you more power over your personal information and support new European data.

In order to continue receiving emails from us with information on our study days, conferences, bulletins and other activities, you will need to opt in to receive this information. Please note you can do this using the email that may be sent to you shortly or you can email us at

Here are the key updates:

• We’ve restructured our Privacy Policy to make it clearer for you to understand the data we have, how we use it, and your choices
• We’ve easier for you to control the emails you receive from us. If you no longer want to hear updates about petitions you have signed or other ways you can help, you can opt out of those emails (insert opt out link )

If you’d like to learn more, you can read the new Privacy Policy here in full.

If you have any questions about these update, feel free to contact us.

We’re always happy to help.

‘How to survive a plague’

BHIVA World AID’s Day event in collaboration with FHIVA

How to survive a plague

1700 – 2050 Wednesday 30th November, Curzon Soho, London

Onsite registration will not be available for this event, so if you would like to come along, please do register as soon as possible.